Portfolio Site for Chriss Cornish

I'm a front-end developer, WordPress themer, graphic designer, and colorist. I'm passionate about usability, information architecture, data design, and best practices. I have one foot solidly in the world of Design and the other firmly in the realm of Development. I love to create a design, make a plan, and then get elbow-deep in the project.

I've done projects for a range of Client levels, from high-end tech clients like Qualcomm to small businesses and local artists. I'm a flexible multi-tasker and self-starter who thrives in environments where 100 things must happen at once. I'm also a team-player with strong collaboration skills.

My positions of late have been contract and freelance, but I'm done with that and am looking for a permanent, full-time position with a team of colleagues.

NOTE: This site is an old school, hand-coded static site.